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Many thanks go out to the following people who I have had the priviledge of knowing in whatever way...

First and foremost, my family for sticking with me. Thanks! My "twisted" comrades: Helcon and Pj... best friends through thick and thin. Thanks for being there homies! My former batchmates from USLS high school batch 1997 - I miss you guys. Mark and Jan for being such great company... not to mention great conspirators ;p. CSCE catch 2001 - let's try to enjoy our last year, k? The Cyber Matrix ppl... Ghost, Johnny, Mak, Mike, Jojo, Jeff, Cedric, Pranz, Buddy, Helen, Len. I'll never forget those frantic deathmatches and camper hunting sessions...thanks for all the fun memories. The Netlink OJT ppl - Mark, Erwin, Logan, Ronald, Armand, Jade, Archie, Hans, Joe, Kristine, Jen, Ann, Len, Carla, Tina, Jelyn, Candy, and all the engineers and staff at Netlink... thanks for an experience I'll never forget... yet I never want to relive again. Gerarld Fran, thanks for your hospitality. Aldric Chua... ingat ka kay buddy... manyak yan (j/k.. but it's true!). My textmates... Rizza, Let, Chrysa, Kat, Ronald, Candy... thanks for all the bears, smileys, and horny jokes. Chatmates... Jennifer, Sarah, Sandra, Colleen, and all the many other ppl I've chatted with and forgetten about... cya around and sorry I don't get to chat anymore nowadays. And to all the people that I forgot, I'm sorry I forgot to include your names here, but you know that I'm grateful to you!