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Song of the Moment
The Real Slim Shady

Cool song that pokes fun on Will Smith and Christina Aguilera. It's by Eminem so expect (very) explicit lyrics. Don't take the lyrics too seriously and you'll love this song.

Featured Site of the Moment

NOT for the faint of heart. I recommend the "Animal Wrongness" Section. Sadistic people should find this site good for a laugh or two.


Hey there! Welcome to my personal web page. And like any other personal page, it's got the usual stuff like bio's, pics, links, and other useless info. Before you leave, please leave a message on the forum!

June 6, 2000

I completely redesigned the site. I went with this new sleek blue/green/orange space theme. The site is best viewed with 800x600 resolution. Hope you guys like it.

May 8, 2000

I just uploaded this site. It's my second webpage so far.