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This site is Link-free! If you want to link up, great! Email me your URL and banner (if you have one) if you want me to put a link to your site too. ^_^ Here are a couple of my banners:

Can't wait to get out of here, eh? Here are a couple of sites for ya!

Here are couple of sites done by my friends. Please take the time to visit them!

Biboy's HP - *Gasp!* it's mah homie's webpage! Now go visit it!
The Hiram Conspiracy - A site done by some people I know. Potentially offensive content. ^_~
Emjay's Art Gallery - Check out his stuff!

Art / Anime:
Art hosting sites, general anime-related sites, and sites of artists whose skills I envy very much ^_^

Art hosting and celeb image galleries

The yellow pages of anime / manga

Anime / game character shrines for fanboys

Awesome art and tutorials. Big influence on my art style

Julie Dillon's site. Her art is stunningly beautiful and has influenced my art as well

Keiiji's site. A incredibly talented artist

Laine's site. Another kickass artist


Tools I used to CG my art and make this webpage

Adobe - all the art / graphics on this page was made with Adobe Photoshop 6.0
(with the help of some 2B pencils and a scanner).
Macromedia - I used Macromedia Dreamweaver to build this site.
Tripod - free site hosting.
Audiogalaxy - get your MP3 fix here.

I highly recommend the following sites. You'll be laughing your ass off. - english in Japan is called Engrish. Funny as hell!
The Asian Prince - you haven't lived until you've seen the Asian Prince! This guy
is so pathetic, it's hilarious!
Survivorblows - for fans or anti-fans of the show. The episode summaries are
the best part. I'm such a survivor freak ^_^
Wrestlecrap - the lamest (and funniest) wrestling gimmicks. For wrestling fans only!


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