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I'll say this right off the bat... I'm relatively new to this art stuff so don't expect too much, okay? I'm still learning the ropes. The first few pics are pretty much crap... but I think the later ones are a big improvement. My art gallery is hosted by Mediaminer. Click on the thumbnails below to see the full pic. And oh yeah, while you're there, do leave some comments please. It'd make my day if you could give me some good comments or some constructive criticism. ^_^ Here they are arranged from latest to earliest (or least crappiest to crappiest)

Arche:  Storm Warning! C'est Iris dans un timbre! Sumire & Maria Lunar Überbromide Lucia & Ruby!
Dread pilots Chibi Sendoh Raven Claire Redfield Jill Valentine








Blue Grafitti. Copyright Steven Eric M, 2002 [Contact Me]