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Tripod (free webpage hosting)
Boardhost (for the message board)
Macromedia (web dev'per tools)
Helcon's Web Space (homie's wp)

A big shout-out goes out to the following:

Mom, Dad, Lola, and Aika
Helcon and PJ
DLSU CSCE Catch 2001
USLS HS Batch 1997

Team [CA]:
- [CA] Maya / Miyuki Kobayakawa
- [CA] Dylan / Ed Bighead / Gaylord Focker
- [CA] Ben Dover
- [CA] Rubber Jihad
- [CA] Jopers
- [CA] Natalie / Natsumi Tsujimoto / General Beatrix <--- that's me, just so the list is complete

*** [CA] Natalie killed Rambu Badaff with headshot from M4A1 ***

Logan, Jay, Aldric, all the Netlink OJT ppl (you know who you are), all my text and chat mates... (again, you guys know who you are), umm... who else... oh yah, the CS ppl over at umall...guess that's it... I must've forgotten a lot of ppl out there. I know I owe many things to a lot of people, not just the ones whose names I included here, so to all my friends out there, thanks a lot for sticking with me through all the shit. C'ya around!

Software Credits:
- Macromedia (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Director)
- ULead Systems (ImagePals)
- Tripod
- Boardhost

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