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- PART I (Short Jokes) -

Question: What's better than sanitary napkins?
Answer : VISINE. Because it takes the RED out in sixty seconds.

Q. How do you embarrass an archaeologoist?
A. Give him a used sanitary napkin and ask him which period it came from.

Tarzan: Ako baba bayan. Ako bili brief!
Jane: Bili mo ako panty!
Tarzan: Ikaw Chita? Ano gusto mo?
Chita: Bili mo ako condom para Jane safe

Son: mom, when I was on the bus with dad this morning, he told me to give up my seat to a lady
Mom: well, u have done the right thing Son: but mom, i was sitting on dad's lap!

3 roosters, a normal, a retarded and a gay.
Normal: cock-a-doodle-dooo!
Retarded: doddle-cock-a-doo!
Gay: any cock will dooo!

Cabinet member: Mr President, our population growth rate is alarming! There is one woman giving birth every minute!
Erap: We have to stop this, look for that woman!

Of all the rooms in the White House, why did they have to put president Clinton in the Oval office? ... It's the only place where he couldn't corner a woman.

Kung ang tawag sa breakfast ng Chowking ay "Almuchow," Ano ang tawag sa lunch nila? Ano pa, eh di "Lanchow"

Three Chinese immigrants, Chu, Bu, and Fu, were applying to become American citizens. Chu became Chuck, Bu became Buck, and Fu was sent back to the mainland.

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