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I just thought I'd put up a section dedicated to my friends out there wherever you guys are! :) They're arranged in no particular order. And if I forgot somebody, please tell me!


Helcon Mabesa - yo homie, hope ya do well sa states, we'll miss ya... after all Mandy wouldn't be the same without Christina :P

PJ Jochico - can't wait to hang out with you again! Jin wars! TM2 ta liwat! hehehe! Go big show!

Aldric Chan - counter ta liwat? hehehe :) huya galing mag dance revo! :P

The rest of USLS batch '97 - hope all you guys are doin' ok, wherever you are!


Mark Joseph Santos - good friend since 1st yr, rpg consultant, and member of the anti-roody movement. hehe

Jan Alcarez - co-conspirator and good friend since 1st yr. Kailan yung muro-ami 2? j/k

Logan Mallari and Erwin Saranillo - thesis groupmates!, thanks for putting up with me :P

CE Catch 2001 - hard to keep track who's still part of the block eh.. to all those who are no longer with us... hope you're all doing fine!

Kryides Ghost / Sacrosanct - good friend and kick-ass quake partner :) html adviser :P, co-founder of RF (togther with me and Johnny) :P

the Cyberkada - Johnny, Mak, Mike, Jojo, Jeff, Cedric, hmm.. did I miss out anybuddy? *ahem*

the Netlink OJT boys (and girls) - Ronald, Armand, Jade, Archie, Hans, Joe, Kristine, Jen, Ann, Len, Carla, Tina, Joleen, Candy, pati na rin sa mga boss namin! sorry kung matakaw ako sa PC minsan! :)

Gerarld Fran - pinsan! hehe, good luck sa judo mo dyan!

Chat / Text

Rizza - how're things in davao? hehe, text mo ako lagi, k? (",)

Jennifer - always fun to chat with! A chat with you never fails to brighten up my day! Hope to c'ya at #bacolod!

Kat - super galing mag drawing, constant text-mate :)

Chrysa - how're u doin? hope to see ya same channel :P

Paulette - regualar text and chatpal! nice poems! :)