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This site is Link-free! If you want to link up, great! Email me your URL and banner (if you have one) if you want me to put a link to your site too. ^_^ I only have one banner at the moment... It's not even good, I admit. I'm working on some new ones, hopefully I'll have time to finish them soon.


Can't wait to get out of here, eh? Here are a couple of sites for ya!

Here are couple of sites done by my friends. They'd be mad at me if I didn't link them here :P

Biboy's HP - *Gasp!* it's mah homie's webpage! Now go visit it!
The Hiram Conspiracy - A site done by some people I know. Potentially offensive content. ^_~

Anime / Games:
General Anime and game related stuff


Art / tutorials:
A couple of sites you might wanna go to if you're looking for tutorials (or inspiration ^_^).

Artist Sites
Sites of fellow artists. Do check out their stuff!


Tools I used to CG my art and make this webpage

Adobe - I used Adobe Photoshop to CG my art and create the graphics for this page.
Macromedia - web development tools.
Tripod - free site hosting.
Kazaa - download MP3's here! Music to draw and CG by ^_^

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