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Here's the part all webmasters love to work on. It's got all sorts of useless info about me and this site which no one would probably care to read.... but hey, this is MY site... and I enjoy writing these little bio thingies so here goes...

my short bio...

My attempt at making a self-portrait (doesn't quite resemble me though)

Hi all! My name is Steven. Welcome to my page!

I guess I should start off by saying something about myself so here goes.... I'm a twenty-something working citizen who's into art, music, and technology. I spend whatever spare time I have drawing, listening to music, and playing with our pet dalmatian and persian cat.

I started the site back in... *looks up the old html files...* March 14, 2000. Back then I wanted to have my own webpage, so I took a stab at HTML coding and just went from there. Then, sometime in 2001, I started to take an interest in drawing and CG'ing. I took whatever crappy pics I made and uploaded them here. Since then the gallery has grown quite a bit.

This site is called Blue Grafitti. I noticed my rough sketches look pretty much like grafitti, and since blue has always been the color theme for the site since it began, I named it "Blue Grafitti" (Did that make any sense?) Actually, I just thought "Steven's page" was kind of a boring name. hehe

If you want to contact me for anything, there's a link at the bottom of each page. If you use MSN Messenger, just look for Guilty Spark.


Blue Grafitti. Copyright Steven Eric M, 2002 [Contact Me]