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Welcome to Blue Grafitti!
(Steven's Page ver. 5)

(May 5, 2004)

I've moved! Please click on the link below

As you can probably tell, the ads in Tripod are totally ruining the layout of the page. Tripod no longer supports pop-up ads and now the ads get automatically imbedded to the page in the most inconvenient places.

I hate pop-up ads with a passion, but as a webmaster, I've always preferred them over imbedded ads (the lesser of two evils I guess). Considering that, and the fact that I'm too busy to revise the site layout to accomodate imbedded ads, I've decided to create a mirror of the site at a different location, free from annoying ads.

Thanks to my pleya Helcon, for so generously offering to host the site! Click on the link above to go there. Be working on an automatic redirect when I have time!



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