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Okay, I could fill this page with names, but I think I'll just put here those who've been most helpful to me in making the site, getting through college, and basically just making my life a little easier. ^_^

A big, fat, hearty "thank you!" to the following people:

Mom, Dad, Erika, Lola

thanks for sticking with me all this time


mah best friend since god knows when


my twisted metal partner and best friend!


thesis-mate, fellow anime freak, atist, clan-mate, co-conspirator, and a best friend as well


fellow survivor freak, clan-mate, co-conspirator, "lagi siyang game!", McFlurry supplier ^_^

Erwin and Logan

thesismates! couldn't have gotten thru college without these guys

The people of DLSU Catch 2001

for making my college life memorable. thanks especially to the guys and gals who shared the thesis room with us (except for one guy... <plug> visit the conspiracy page </plug>

These other people I need to thank...

Francis A, Francis C, Ronald, Arlene, Kristin, Pauline, Sheena, Mara, Aldric, Dennis, and everybody at work. Thanks y'all!

Midora, Oreana, Fantafyre, Nirvana, iodethane, and Jill

for leaving those encouraging comments on my art over at Mediaminer. Arigatougozaimasu!


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